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Princess Jade Fundraiser


On Aug 16, 2016, While on vacation a Texas LEO brother and his wife noticed that their four year old daughter Jade's right eye had started to cross. Poor Jade not knowing said, "Mommy I see two of you." It was that moment that would change her life. After testing by a specialist, on August 24, 2016, they received the worst news any parent can get. Jade was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), she had a tumor on her brain stem that there was no cure for or anyway to remove it. The doctors told them at best they had one month to share with their precious daughter. I am heartbroken to say on August 29th, just five days later, precious Jade, lost such a quick battle. No parent should ever have to deal with the loss of a child although we know it happens. Our heart goes out to this LEO brother and his family. In conjunction with Millecor ( ) another LEO brother and friend we are helping raise money through tumblers designed with this precious angel, Jade's, picture laser engraved on them. The picture is from a set of her last pictures taken while on family vacation when they noticed something wasn't right. Please donate, give what you can or purchase one of these tumblers to help this family. All proceeds from the tumblers are going directly to the family! Not only are you helping the family during such a heartbreaking time but you are also getting a great product designed and drawn by AA&E's own.

The second side is engraved with the father of Jade's Trooper badge.